Chard, Rainbow Swiss Chopped

2/5 lbs.

Chard Description

Green Swiss chard, botanical name Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. Flavescens, is the common name given to several Green Swiss chard varieties such as Fordhook Giant and Bionda di Lyon. Green Swiss chard is unique to other Swiss chard types as its stalks are white. This is due to the fact that the white stalks contain the flavanoid quercitin, a naturally occuring pigment found in plants. Flavonoids in nature provide visual cues for animal pollinators and seed dispersers to locate their targets. The white pigmentation is triggered by the same effect we see in snowflakes. Ultimately these flavanoids are only visible because of UV light. Greens Swiss chard has broad wavy and crinkled green leaves with snow white stalks and veins flowing throughout the foliage. Those veins act as nutritional dispersers to the rest of the plant, as the food production occurs in the leaves. The leaves are succulent and tender, their flavor far more mellow than other varieties, which is why Green Swiss chard has been nicknamed "Butter chard". The white stalks are equally more edible and favorable to the palate, lacking the bitterness common with colored varieties.