Daikon, Shredded

2/5 lbs.

Daikon Description

The daikon radish (Raphanus sativus), is an annual, cool season root vegetable and a member of the Brassicaceae or mustard family. Also known as mooli, lobok and Chinese radish the daikon radish is most often sold and marketed today without its tops though the entire plant is actually edible, roots and leaves. The daikon radish is bold in size, yet more delicate in flavor. The long cylindrical roots have a smooth creamy white skin and crisp, juicy white flesh. Flavor varies throughout the plant. The thickest part of the root closest to the tops is the sweetest whereas the narrow bottom region of the root is peppery and pungent. There are dozens of varieties ranging in size from six inches to three feet. The standard variety though averages ten to fourteen inches.